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Unpopular Opinion:

So I’ve finally seen "The Silver Linings Playbook." I read the book about a month ago. I liked the book better. They changed a lot of things, left some things out. The ending was completely different. Tiffany was supposed to tell Pat that the dance competition was fake, that the only reason she made him do it was so he could become a better person, and also because she was in love with him. Nikki wasn’t supposed to be there at the competition. Pat was supposed to have gone to Nikki’s house and watched her from afar.

But anyway, after remembering the fiasco that was the 2012 Oscars, do I think Jennifer should have won the Best Actress award? Absolutely not. I like her in The Hunger Games, but believe me, Jessica Chastain was far better in ZDT.

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Star Trek: Voyager + text posts, part three
[ part one | part two ]

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Star Trek: Voyager + text posts, part two
[ part one ]

Should I apologize now or later?


Best Law and Order detective ever #nyc


Best Law and Order detective ever #nyc

Jessica Chastain for Modern Weekly by Christopher Doyle


Mat Kearney: All I Need

Music can be appreciated at a whole new level when the meaning behind the lyrics is completely understood by the listener.  There are countless lyrics I ponder over, debating what the artist was thinking/feeling or trying to put to words when they wrote a song.  Sometimes, the artist leaves you to wonder and lets you put your own personal translation on the song.  Rarely, there are those moments at a live show, where an artist gives in, lays down his shield, and confesses the song’s true meaning.

I was recently at a Mat Kearney concert at the University of Minnesota, and a special moment like that occurred when he starting playing some opening chords. There was a brief moment when he was focused on his guitar, as if he had an internal debate on whether to share his next song’s special meaning.  He then stepped toward the mic to share the back-story of “All I Need”.  He began telling us of his good friends, engaged to be married, and the disaster they have survived.  Their house was located in the heart of Hurricane Katrina.  This young couple had to evacuate their home, taking with them only the belongings they could fit in their car.  And then they left.  Knowing full well that they may never return to their home, the setting of so many memories in a young relationship.  Mat’s friends ended up crashing at his place, having nowhere else to go.  In the midst of this tragedy, Mat found beauty.  One night, as this couple was sleeping at his place, he sat down and wrote “All I Need”. 

As I listened to that song after he told its story, it was natural to empathize with all they have lost, but at the same time, I found comfort in knowing that there are so few things you actually need.  These two had each other, they had love, and that is “something that wont drown”.